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Ac Problems That Require Professional Repair

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Your home or office air conditioner unit has many of parts that need to function healthily to work your Ac efficiently. If one part does not work properly, the entire unit can go off. This is one of the most common causes of ac not giving cool air. However, other causes include a refrigerant leak, which requires the help from an expert air conditioner repair person. To fully understand why your AC unit is giving cool air, consult our expert technician today.

The Wiring Often enough electrical problems is a common cause of your AC unit blowing warm air. There are handfuls of water interacting with each other in your AC unit, one of these wires may cut or fray, it can cause your Ac unit to breaking down.

Causes: Wires are usually cut by either objects or animals, but can frequently become frayed by overheating. If a wire is chewed, it can cause your AC unit to malfunction, which will require a complex repair. To prevent this in the first place, make sure no wires are available to touch outside of your unit. However, you should also put objects in place to protect your AC unit from your animals or family.

Solutions: To fix your wiring, you should consult our local air conditioning repair person to replace any broken wires in your unit. Call Us on : 9700009568.

Is your Refrigerator Leaking? This is one of the most common reasons for an ac not working. The refrigerant can leak for a few different reasons, though it is unlikely you will see it happen. Since it would leak outside of your house, you may miss the leak entirely.

Causes: As stated before, there are a few different reasons why your refrigerant may leak. A joint can become loose when you use the ac often, the service valve could have worn out, or the unit could have been assembly badly by the manufacturer. To avoid these leaks, be sure to check out your unit often and get it serviced before you turn it on for the summer.

Solutions: Trying to fix the refrigerant on your own can be a risky task. It is best to leave this for a professional to deal with. Call Our Professional today on Ph: 9700009568.

The Compressor If you find yourself Googling “ac not working,” the cause of your troubles may lay in your compressor. The compressor transforms refrigerant gases from the evaporator into hot, high-pressure gas. The gas then goes into the condenser. With a broken compressor, your ac will likely not work at all. If you suspect this is the issue, call a professional to diagnose it.

Causes: There are a number of reasons why the compressor may be broken, including overheating, electrical problems, or refrigerant going back into the compressor. On average, compressors remain functional for ten years at least. The only way to reduce the risk of your compressor breaking is to use your ac less.

Solutions: Unless you are an expert, you will not be able to fix the compressor on your own. It would be best to call a professional. They can determine if the compressor is the actual problem and replace it if need be. See how much it costs before replacing it as it might be more cost effective to get a new air conditioner unit.

Check Your Air Filter When your air filter is working correctly, it will get dirty. The majority of people only check out their ac’s filter when something is wrong. However, your air filter should be checked, cleaned, or replaced every so often to avoid problems. Having a dirty filter will not cause your ac to blow hot air, however, it will contribute to the issue and reduce the level of coldness by a bit.

Causes: The air filter catches dirt and other particles that are moving throughout your unit. They also need to be cleaned out or replaced when they become too dirty. Be sure to check the filter on a regular basis.

Solutions: First, shut off your ac. Then either clean out the air filter or purchase a new one. Only then can you begin to use your ac again.

Check Your Thermostat Settings When you are feeling ac air hot, this is probably the best case scenario. When put directly, homeowners sometimes forget to switch their thermostat settings from warm to cool when summer comes. Whether you or your child accidentally set the thermostat, your ac unit will blow warm air until the switch is flipped.

Causes: If you have children in your home, this sort of thing can happen frequently. This can also happen if you are a forgetful person. Before summertime comes around, write yourself a reminder to switch your thermostat to the cool mode.

Solutions: Double check your thermostat’s settings to ensure its on the right mode. Then, adjust it accordingly.

If you struck up some where need not to worry we are there here to help you, our well trained technicians will handle it carefully. Just call Us on : 9700009568.

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